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margarita ledo

Filmmaker, writer, professor of audiovisual communications at the
usc (University of Santiago de Compostela). The male character in A cicatriz branca (Galicia-Argentina, 2012), which was her first fiction
film, a feminist film funded by the icaa (Spanish Film Institute) and the Women’s Institute, came out of her novel Porta Blindada (Edicións Xerais, vigo, 1990). Researcher and author of works on authorial cinema such

as Cine de fotógrafos (gg, Barcelona, 2005), winner of the award “Espais d’Art Contemporani”, or essays such as El cuerpo y la cámara (Cátedra, Madrid, 2020), her experimental side can be found in short films that are included in the Festival de Cine Periférico S8 programme (Illa, 2009; A auga branca, 2019) and Cienfuegos, 1913 (2008) for the Habana Book Fair or Groenlandia (2018) for the Poetry Festival “Alguén que respira”.

Among other festivals (DocsLisboa, Málaga, Mostra de Cinema de Dones, Trieste or Babel), in 2012 the Festival of Douardenez exhibited her films Santa Liberdade (Galicia-Brazil-Venezuela, 2004) and Liste, pronunciado Lister (Galicia, 2007). In 2017, the international festival DocumentaMadrid dedicated a retrospective to her under the brand of utopia and the wanderings of the 20th century.

In the field of militant cinema, she is executive producer of cccv, 2005, by Ramiro Ledo Cordeiro, and author of short films such as Lavacolla 1939 for the film collective Hai que botalos! (2006). She is the author, likewise, of cultural and social works such as the medium-length film Apuntamentos para un filme (2012), which is included in the programmes of the Secretaría Xeral da Igualdade; Manuel María: “eu son fala e terra desta miña Terra” (2005/2016), or of the piece Bucle (2017) for the book-cd Herdeiras by Carmen Penim.

She is the winner of the following awards Premio Nacional da Cultura Galega 2008 in the Cinema and Audiovisual section, Premio Otero Pedrayo 2017, and member of the Real Academia Galega.